Sunday, July 30, 2017

Daphers makes 5!

Poor third kid, no (real) birth story. No weekly blog posts reminding me of all the adorable things you did as a newborn.  Daph, mommy is really sorry.  Dylan and Margot, mommy is so sorry.  It's just one of those things - well and we are so busy these days.

Daph is 6 months now and amazing!  She loves her family - Dylan and Margot, you both make her light up!  She smiles all.of.the.time and she is the happiest baby ever.  Easiest baby ever?  I'm not sure, re-reading old blog posts, it appears she's a better sleeper than Margot.  Sorry Dylan, you were not a good sleeper at this age - we can blame the ear infections.

Daph was born January 24, 2017 at 6:22 am via c-section at GW Hospital.  My recovery is okay - not much else to say about that except that surgery is no joke and the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself.

Back to Daphers - she was 8lbs 2oz at birth and it's still unknown why I never made it past 8cm.  Her head is big though so maybe?  Who knows.  She was 20inches (the shortest of the three) and the heaviest.  She is currently around 60-70%tile for weight and height so not quite as big as Dylan but much bigger than Margot.  Like Dylan, she's in the big head club with a head circumference firmly at 99%tile.  Her 4 month apt, she was a little over 15lbs and 26.5 inches, I think.  I honestly can't remember.  At 6 months, she was 16lbs and 26.5 inches (me thinks it's difficult to measure babies).  Her head is still at 99%tile!!

Daphne as a newborn was your typical super sleepy baby.  She looked (and still does) A LOT like Dylan.  She was born with blue eyes and very pale skin and now that she is chubby, she really looks like he did.  She may have Margot's nose though so we'll see if she starts resembling her more as she gets older.

Here are some pictures from the hospital.  My recovery took a while - in fact, I feel like I'm still recovering in some ways.  Things are just not quite aligned anymore and the weight is taking it's time coming off this time around to an even great extent.

Around 1 month, she was finally getting her nights and days sorted out but was generally a pretty easy baby.  Very few tears, very easy to calm, and very mellow and generally happy when she was awake. 

Around 2 months, I remember the challenge was really getting her to go to bed for the night.  She really liked to stay up late and I remember Bill and I have a few really late nights with her.  At 2 months, we started doing tummy time and thanks to her big ole noggin, she was able to roll herself over (belly to back)!

I remember around 3 months, she started smiling. I remembered I was worried b/c it took her a while to make sustained eye contact and then she wasn't really cracking a smile at 12 weeks.  She was solidly 3 months before she smiled regularly.  It was the worth the wait.  :)

By 4 months, she was smiling regularly, but we needed to do something about all of this hair!  The chub was in full effect and she was getting cuter and cuter each day.  We started in the exersaucer and she started rolling back to belly!

She was also sleeping incredibly well!  Like 1x to wake up a night well.  It was awesome. We were getting nervous about the 4 month sleep regression, but then it never happened.

Around 4 months, she also started being able to kind of sit up. Kind of...

As she neared 5 months, she was spending more and more time on her belly and kind of getting interested in toys.  And teething!!  We went on a long road trip and she did great.   She even fell asleep during a crazy loud show in Tennessee.

And a little after 5 months, we started solids!

By 6 months, she was on her hands and knees, could push back to sitting, could sit up by herself and was putting toys in her mouth!

We also made the terrible but much needed decision to move her to a crib.  Terrible in that she stopped sleeping but much needed in that she was going to hurl herself out of her rock and play.  So she's up every 2-3 hours these days - will there be an end in sight?  Maybe, it might involve some sleep training for this happy girl.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Birth Story

Cervidil at 11pm
9am contractions/camping
10am crying b/c of pain and contractions
10am - cervidil removed- I'm at 3cm, very stretchy

Contractions slow to every 2-3 minutes
12pm contractions slow to every 2-4 minutes  - pitocin started
1:30pm cervix 6cm and 70% effaced or it's possible that they checked me at 12.

or 1:30pm 8cm

I remember Bill thinking that we'd probably have a baby here by 3pm, lol.

Contractions were coming fast and furious - but still 8 cm.  Got in the shower and that slowed things down - contractions were every 3 minutes.  Was checked and still 8cm - they brought in an u/s machine to double check baby's position.

Got in tub but it wasn't helping.  Tried something similar to a miles circuit - spent 3 contractions upside down then on my left side.  Still at 8/9 but the main issue is that baby was not moving down.

Huge heart rate dip at 6:30pm or somewhere around then.  Midwife broke or it broke during exam, but water broke.  She likely moved down and hr dropped immediately to 40.  She must have moved back up or something b/c her hr went back to normal a few minutes later.  Still during this time, I'm having contractions - transition-level contractions.  OB brought in and recommends epidural.  I couldn't handle the contractions anymore and we were nervous something was wrong.

7:30pm - get the epidural and feel great.

9/10pm - New midwife comes in (Candice) around 9 or 10.  She says baby is still high and I'm still at 8, but baby's head does not feel big.

2am - Baby has moved down a tiny bit, but still at 8.

5am - we try pushing through a few contractions, but she is worried b/c I am still at 8.

5:45am - OB consults and recommends c-section

Monday, January 2, 2017

Almost 38 weeks

Well, I'm gestational-wise past the when Margot came.  I know it was really unlikely that this baby would come at the same time or earlier, but I'm getting antsy to meet her.   Tomorrow will be 38 weeks and then a long 2 weeks until my actual due date (which may or may not pass before we see this kid).  The good/bad news is that everyone goes back to school and work tomorrow.

I have work to do so I'll also be going back to work - I'm debating whether to work on a RnR that I have been working on for a very old paper or to try to finish a new paper.  Either way, I won't be very motivated.

I may actually spend tomorrow trying to sell some of the maternity clothes that I am not wearing (a way of easing myself back into work).

The Christmas holiday has come and gone and the kids had a great time.  I took too few pictures as always and we bought them too much this year, but it was a great holiday.

Margot got a dollhouse and an American girl doll (from Santa).  Dylan got a hockey goal, legos and star wars action figures, which he is loving.  Here is a picture of me at 37 weeks.

Christmas morning

At Mom-mom and Pop-pop's house (I forgot that Dylan wanted to wear his Xmas pjs all day)!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

36.5 weeks

So Margot was born 1 week from today (well, 1 week from my current gestation), and while I know if my water doesn't break, it will be longer, I am still feeling anxious about having a baby between now and New Years.

Part of me is in denial - hospital bag not designated or packed and bags for the kids (in case they need to spend the night with my mom) is also not packed.  Maybe I'll do that today.  At the same time, today is Christmas Eve and my fingers are crossed that this baby cooks for at least another week - for many reasons.

Still, I'm getting nervous every night when I go to sleep that my water is going to break in the middle of the night.  That and I haven't been checked to see if I'm group B positive - I'd like that to happen.  I also don't have any of the hospital paperwork and I'd like to have that all set up.

We met with a potential doula a few days ago and still need to mail her a check and submit our paperwork.  Oh and schedule a meeting with her.  So much to do before this baby comes.

Not that I think she's coming any time soon.  Bill has checked my cervix and while 50% effaced, I'm still closed.  Again, not that it means anything, but my waters aren't bulging out of me or anything.  I am having tons of BH - I did with Margot as well, so again, it's not settling any anxiety about getting all of this stuff done.

Physically, everything is more difficult.  I'm in worse shape - I'm not sleeping well (thanks Margot for staying up late and Dylan for waking up super early), and I keep having anxiety about not being well-rested for labor.

Okay, time to get a move on and do something.  :)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Another round

So I have been terrible about blogging in general and blogging about this pregnancy in particular!  Yikes.  A lot of catch up on.

Dylan is almost 6.5 and loving first grade.  Adjusting to a new school was difficult at first but his teacher is spectacular and it's now going really well.  His new thing is sports so in addition to asking me "Who would you cheer for?" for every possible line up between NFL and NHL hockey teams, he loves watching replays of the games on youtube.  That and 80s music videos (We are the world and various Michael Jackson songs).

Margot is 4.25 is finally attending the CYC - only to have Dylan transition to a new school.  Now, she's just counting down the years until she can go to his school.  We moved them to Dylan bedroom a few months and they love sharing a room.  No issues on that.  They love each other a bunch and generally get along really well.  He wakes her up too often when he gets up and today they both woke up at 5:45, but other than that, I don't have any complaints.  

Margot is getting into "You Tubes" and watching surprise box openings, lol.  She loves to draw and write and spends a lot of time playing with dolls/action figures.  She's getting a dollhouse for Xmas this year, so I'm sure she'll love that.    She spent all of fall getting really good at the monkey bars.  She also loves "reading" books, so much so that when she started at the CYC, the other kids thought she was doing story time and would gather around her!  :)

Some recent pictures of the kids!

 They love to make silly faces and pretend to cry.  I don't get it, but they find it hilarious!

And now about me - here I am at Thanksgiving when I was 32 weeks pregnant.  I'm 34 weeks pregnant now and feeling big and tired and all that one normally feels at this stage.  I'm trying to exercise but it's just not happening and I'm okay with that.  I generally get pretty painful BH and just feel a ton of pressure down there when I do exercise.  I did yoga today so yay for me.

Baby 3 is a girl and due some time in the middle of January.  We'll see when she arrives.  I'm determined not to have my water break prior to labor so I've been eating dates, oranges, grapes, eggs, lots of protein and taking vitamin C.  Fingers crossed.

I also have GD again (didn't with Margot), so I'm enjoying my caveman diet.  It's actually not too terrible and the endocrinologist said my readings look fine.  I am pretty much eating what I want, trying to limit sugar as best I can and as long as I eat greek yogurt before bed, my fasting numbers are in a good range.  The good news is that my weight is holding steady.  We'll see how it goes for the next 6 weeks.

But 6 weeks seems soon.  Well soon if I think about how Margot came just after 37 weeks.  So then it's 3.5 weeks.  That seems really soon.  Especially when I think about how I need to get through Christmas and cook this baby as long as possible.

She's pretty active and I get periods of a lot of movement a few times a day and almost constantly at night.  She definitely has dropped (as evidence that my belly might actually be below my crotch most of the time) and that I feel her head bouncing on my cervix, but I think I have a ways to go. 

The midwife practice that I'm seeing does not do internal checks at all or at least not yet, so I have no idea if things are getting close.  I'm guessing no, but I'm having BH every day all day.  Apparently that also happened with Margot.  It's a good thing I wrote some of this down.

The pregnancy generally has been pretty easy - morning sickness was mild nausea and lasted only 4 weeks (week 6 - 10) and then vanished.  Sleeping has actually been fine for the last few weeks - I mean, I'm up 2-3 times a night, but I am sleeping and not having insomnia.  I'll take it.

The kids are excited.  It will obviously be a more difficult transition for Margot since she's gotten to the baby for a while now, but she's excited too.  Dylan is surprising really excited which was surprising to me since he's not the most emotive kid I know.  

Monday, April 27, 2015


I've been working a lot lately - not more hours, just more productive hours so my posts have become increasingly more scarce.  I'm hoping to start up if only as a place to record memories and stories to tell the kids when they get older.

Margot turned 2.5 this past month.  Halfway to 3.  She really looks the part too.  Gone are her belly and chub.  She is still small, but steadily gaining on her brother so is looking tiny these days as well.  We just measured their feet and his didn't grow over the past 6 months…

He's wearing a 9.5 or 10 and she's in a 6 or 6.5.  Such tiny kids I have.

Dylan is studying sports at school and he's starting to be slightly more interested in team sports.  Not enough to want to play one, but interest is okay for now.  They are both still doing gymnastics which they love.  And we'll pick up swimming this summer, so I'm okay with it. 

Dylan recently started wanting to learn to read so we have read a few of the Bob books.  I'm really impressed with his ability - he just picks things up really quickly.  Which is great, but I hope won't hurt him later since he doesn't like to put forth much effort.  He's already mastered mazes and find-it puzzles.  Just like his momma.  :)  I'm still trying to encourage perseverance.  Margot doesn't really need lessons in that since she is extremely stubborn and persistent.  I hope she stays that way.

She is adorable these days - just a clown and loves to be silly.  Singing songs (from the Frozen soundtrack of course).  She is obsessed with Anna and Elsa.  And just in the past week, the Little Mermaid.  She told me this morning that she loves her.  Still loves her babies.  And pink too.

They are still getting along well, but Margot loves to say mean things to him to get him riled up and then he reacts physically.  It's all typical sibling behavior, but it doesn't mean I don't want to tear my hair out.

Dylan is obsessed with tv, legos and sugar.  Maybe in that order, I'm not sure.  He's been earning money for doing things around the house and not losing control of his body, which he's been using to buy legos.  Not that we need anymore legos.  We have 30+ sets.  It's really insane. 

Margot loves to "read" so me reading to her is difficult these days.  She'll open a book and just start repeating things that she's heard recently.  It's funny but a little scary sometimes listening to the phrases she says.
This morning she opens one page: One day…
Next page: peanut butter sandwich
Next page: what are you doing in there?
Next page: Get out of there!


Oh and I should add, we're STILL nursing.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A lot has happened in 7 months!

Life has been busy, but I have a lot of memories to share.

Margot is 2!  How in the world did that happen?  She went from being this practically bald little toddler to an almost preschooler overnight.

When she turned 2, it was like a light turned on.  Her vocabularly had always been very similar to Dylan's at the same age, but around 2, she just started talking like a kid instead of a toddler.  Common phrases, some slang, even some potty words (thanks to her big brother) all just popped out.  She went from 3 word sentences to just, well, talking.

And unlike her brother, she isn't someone who just talks incessantly.  She speaks when it's necessary so I'm constantly amazed at the things she can recall.

Around the thanksgiving, I noticed she could sing songs with mostly the correct words.  Twinkle twinkle little star.  ABCs.  I was really surprised.  And then around the holidays she started noticing letters and loves to draw "M".  Now all Ms stand for MARGOT!  (as she'll yell to tell you).
And then last night, we were eating letter french fries and she said, what letter is this?  I said, F.  She says, F is for fire and fish.  I kid you not.  She has a great memory!

Something else happened over Xmas break.  Margot potty trained herself. She's been into doing things herself (getting dressed, putting her diaper on), but hadn't expressed any interest in sitting on the potty or telling us she had to go potty.  But she decided on 1/2/15 that she didn't want to wear diapers anymore and was going to pee pee in the potty.  And holy moly, she did.  She probably had 1 or 2 accidents in those 3 days and a handful the following week when she returned to school.  Now, she'll have 1 or 2 on the weekends and very rarely during the week.  It's absolutely incredible and we are able to take 0% of the credit.

As for other things in the world of Little Go or Mar Mar as I like to call her.  She is super stubborn and as a result, will not wean.  So we still nurse, a lot considering how much I work.

Me: You're a big girl now.  Do you know that big girls don't nurse?
Margot:  Just Margot.

Well, at least she doesn't care about being different.  :)

She's finally interested in doing puzzles (the ABC puzzle, but it's a start).  And loves to draw.  And her baby.  And is still such a mommy's girl.